A Man Just Hit Beach Life App’s Jackpot!

beach life app

Beach Life made somebody a very rich man (Photo: Playtech)

Well, we’re totally sure by now that Beach Life is a gambling app that pays. A player in the United Kingdom just won the jackpot and got GBP 3.7 million richer.

He is not the only one to have won the jackpot with this slot game, either: a lucky player took home GBP 4.4 million in 2012. The player with the username “Hilton,” played GBP 10 per spin and achieved five sunshine symbols to win.


The jackpot winner chose to remain anonymous


Playtech, a gambling software provider, has released many highly popular games throughout the years. Beach Life is the most loved among these and it is also a quite recent addition to the myriad of Playtech games. Playtech has more than 500 slot and casino titles, so it really is a gambling tech giant.

As the astounded player told Playtech online, “I’m still in shock. Things like this usually happen to other people. I don’t have big plans to spend all the money but my mum and my dad will be getting their bungalow. My nieces and nephews will be getting a good start in life. I’m still shocked.” We’d be, too.

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