AB 414 Bill Backed by Adelson to Limit Online Gaming in Nevada Fails

ab414 gambling bill

…defining certain terms (Photo: Nevada Legislature)

The proposal aided by Sheldon Adelson would prevent Nevada from entering into interstate web-based gambling agreements.

AB 414, the bill heavily supported by Nevada business magnate Sheldon Adelson timed out after it did not pass through the Judiciary Committee before the legislative deadline. AB 414 was about stopping interstate online gambling compacts involving Nevada outside internet poker. After the bill passed through the Assembly in April, the State Senate read it and submitted it to the Committee on Judiciary.
However, the Committee decided to take no action until the 103rd day of the legislative session which was named as the deadline to discuss the bill previously. By pulling some political tricks, it can be still referred to the Finance or Ways and Means Committee, gambling industry news understand, but that to happen seems unlikely, so AB 414 is pretty much done.

A virtually pointless bill?

The purpose of the bill was quite unclear since it has been emerged, as practically no one in Nevada was planning to enter into interstate gambling agreements outside poker. So, it basically would do nothing other than strengthening the current situation, therefore the iGaming society was suspicious about it.

Sheldon Adelson casino mogul

Sheldon Adelson

There were speculations about some key detail of the Bill had been missed that would hurt online gambling later on, and that’s why Adelson was supporting AB 414 so strongly.

However the bill is unlikely to be reintroduced until 2017, as legislature in Nevada has a biennal operating schedule, online gambling business news report.


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