Advanced Messaging By T-Mobile

Advanced messaging T-mobile

Advanced messaging by T-mobile is here (Photo: AskDes)

”Advanced Messaging” will be something similar to the application Whatsapp, and T-Mobile is now supporting it.

Fans of mobile gambling apps and people who spend a lot of time on their smart phones will love T-Mobile’s venture into new areas. According to AndroidPolice, from now on, T-Mobile will be the only carrier to offer “Advanced Messaging.” That is, until other carriers join the communications revolution based on Rich Communication Services, or RCS.

We already know how RCS works; Whatsapp and Hangouts are based on the same principle. So what is T-Mobile’s concept? Well, their solution for “Advanced Messaging” will feature group messaging, being able to see when a message is delivered and read, being able to share high-quality photos and videos (up o 10 MB.) According to AndroidPolice, they also state that “T-Mobile Advanced Messaging is built to work across all devices, markers and operating systems – and wireless operators.”


Advanced Messaging available for everyone…


…once everyone’s carrier adds Rich Communication Services to their menu, that is. If a person from T-Mobile tries to use RCS with somebody whose carrier does not offer RCS, they will hit a roadblock. Something that iPhone gaming enthusiasts are familiar with: they can only send iMessages, for example, to those, who have iPhones. Which, of course, can be incredibly irritating.

So, how will people gain access to Advanced Messaging by T-Mobile? As AndroidPolice reports, “The first T-Mobile phone with support for Advanced Messaging is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, which is launching today.” However, software updates, which will be coming out for the Galaxy S5 and S6, will also support Advanced Messaging. There will also be at least around 12 devices released by the end of this year that will offer the service, too. Until other carriers (and more devices) support Advanced Messaging, it will be a privilege for the few.

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