BBC Digital prototype: Control Your TV…With Your Mind!

bbc mind control tv

“Where’s the remote control” problem, solved (Photo: BBC Digital)

Feel like it’s 2200 with the newest headset prototype of BBC Digital and This Place.

Technologic advancements make the world a more comfortable place for us to live in. With this brand new tech, having to get up from your sofa to find the remote control is history. There is no need, because soon, you’ll be able to fully control your TV with your mind.

This awesome invention will definitely come in handy once it’s applicable for gaming tech; just imagine playing on your favorite gambling software and controlling everything with your thoughts. No clicks, enters or anything – just you, your adversaries, and the screen.


Concentration is key with this device


People with Attention Deficit Disorder will have a slight problem with working this tech; according to IFLScience, in order to control the options presented on the screen, people have to concentrate hard on the task they wish to perform. The whole system is based on these focused brainwaves.

IFLScience reports, “The headset can detect the wearer’s brainwaves by reading the electrical activity of cells. From this, the wearer can see their concentration level on a screen that shows how much they need to focus to achieve a task. ” Let’s hope that this system will soon be paired with gambling technology…

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