Beef Up Your Skills: Awesome Poker Tutorials

Photo: Poker Fanatic

Photo: Poker Fanatic

Are you a complete beginner? Do you want to brush up on your card skills? Take a peek at our compilation of the top poker tutorials!

Sometimes it’s time to admit that we need help. But there’s no shame in that, plus, it can be done without anyone noticing. If you, too, want to prepare for a smashing game of poker with your friends, look no further; here are the video tutorials that will help you get a head start – and maybe even beat those who have been playing the game for a long time. Spend some time, look these videos over and improve your game. Remember the phrase: practice makes perfect!


Deuces Cracked – the most pro among poker tutorials


Do you want something really high-end? Then this site was made for you. Deuces Cracked will offer you endless opportunities to better your poker skills. There is even a free, seven-day trial period where your can try out the workings of the site. There are about three thousand videos, which are very high quality and well shot, too. You can learn from poker pros like Vanessa Selbst (she also has a huge part in the day-to-day operations of the site,) and private lessons with poker tutors can cost between USD 1 to more than USD 500. You can also have a dialogue wit coaches if you have any questions or concerns. Become a better gambler in this high-quality learning environment.


Card Runners


This is also a great website to turn to if you want to excel at poker. Here, too, you can find more than three thousand videos. The monthly membership costs USD 30, and they offer a week-long trial period, too. There are many game types, not only Texas Hold’Em, so you can cherry-pick your favorite poker variations. The videos are calibrated so you can watch them on your iPad or iPhone, too. The awesome thing about this site that it is ginormous and that the coaches teaching you are common players at the World Series of Poker, for example. If you want to make new friends, this is the best place for it; you can connect to many other poker players.


Poker Strategy


Photo: Zazzle

Photo: Zazzle

If you’d like to have a go at a bit of social gaming and gambling, but have no idea how to get to playing poker, you should definitely check this site out. With its simple and clear layout, you’ll immediately find what you’re looking for. The explanations and tips they give you are also very straightforward, so you needn’t worry about confusing terminology. They give you advice on tactics and hot to build up a tournament and bankroll. Think of it more like an interactive poker encyclopedia that will uncover every old trick and strategy you might need during poker night with your buddies.


Poker School Online


With quizzes, private lessons and actual gaming, this is a website that is packed with action. The website is very easy to navigate on, it has a professional layout and a tad of journalism, too. There are numerous videos that you can check out and you can make new friends, too; the poker community on this site is very active. Before starting to train, they will make you fill out a self-assessment survey that will show what level your poker knowledge is at. They even have a Podcast. To join them, you have to make a Pokerstars account, free of charge. Then, the fun can begin. This site is great because it encourages actual gaming; perfect for practicing your newly learnt moves!


Texas Hold’Em Poker Strategy


All in all, this site is not as interactive as others. Poker tutorials here are not really in the forms of videos, although there are some. To find information on it is also a bit halting… but once you get the hang of it, it will show you tricks you never knew existed. It will give your very detailed instructions on how to become an absolute pro. By the time you read the heaps of information found on this site, you’ll have a very good idea about how to go about winning your next poker tournament. One suggestion: download a poker gambling app for you smart phone and practice the tactics that the website describes. That way your lexical knowledge will be complimented with real live experience!


See? It’s easy to learn the trade. All you have to do now, is invest some of your time and energy, and soon you will be winning every poker night!

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