BlackBerry Software problems

blackberry software problems

Blackberry will focus on software (Photo: Android Central)

Nowadays, if you own a BlackBerry, you have to prepare for sudden lags and freezes. Irritating? Try being the company CEO…

You’ve downloaded the newest gambling app onto your BlackBerry and you start to play. Just as you’re tapping the amount you want to bet with, the phone freezes and you’re left with a blank screen. Sorry to break it: no amount of furious tapping, hitting or throwing it out the window will fix the problem.

The official Blackberry support forum has indeed been abundant with comments, like: “My BlackBerry Z10 STL 100-2 lags too much, sometimes, when I adjust the volume, the sound hangs, and sometimes, the phone itself hangs and unable to do anything.”


This has cost the company greatly… to say the least


blackberyy ceo john chen

John Chen, Blackberry CEO (Photo: Manu Fernandez via Yahoo Celebrity)

According to The New York Times, the Canadian phone manufacturer recently registered a USD 28 million loss. What’s more, their shares also fell by more, than 4%. However, we can understand this; how irritating can it be to play onmobile gambling apps with a phone that constantly freezes?

The New York Times stated that CEO John Chen’s tactic was to make BlackBerry’s main focus point the selling of software. However, the success or failure of this strategy still remains unclear. One thing is for sure: the company first has to restore trust in the quality of its product.

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