Blackjack App for Android

blackjack mobile app

Train your blackjack skills by playing on your mobile (Photo: Brainium via Google play)

Blackjack is a hot new game for Android that will provide you with great entertainment on a rainy day.

Constantly, there are new mobile gambling apps in the industry, but what does this app have on others? We all love playing Blackjack, and truth be told, there are many games on the market. So, let’s get started.

Sign in with your Google Play Games account and start to experience just how wonderfully simple this game is. It is the best choice for someone willing to relax a little, because the rules are simplified and the interface is very easy to use. What’s more, you don’t have to risk any real money.


Blackjack tournaments all the way!


Guess what. In this novelty blackjack app for Android, you are also able to enjoy multi-hand Blackjack and tournaments! When it comes to the design, don’t expect anything over-the top: as the game itself, it is kept clear and simple.

As AndroidHeadlines states: “The game of Blackjack might not have changed at all over the years, but it’s a still a classic game and there’s not much to it, which arguably makes it more suited for short gaming sessions while on the move than it does much else.” Nevertheless, it is still one of the most fun Blackjack games ever made.

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