Company In Australia Forced To Pay Ransom To Hackers

hackers blackmail Australian company

Hackers take things to the next level of evil

Hackers in Brisbane wouldn’t back off even after ransom was paid in bitcoin.

Times like these, I am really happy that online casino security has to be top-notch. In Brisbane, hackers extorted a company, but took criminal behavior to a next level, too. Get this, they asked for a ransom paid in bitcoins, to which the company complied. Then, the hackers wanted more.

After having paid thousands of dollars worth of bitcoins for the stolen sensitive material, the immoral felons decided that they would also abuse and discredit a senior employee’s family (focused more on his child) online.

The company’s named remains undisclosed

This story is a lesson to be heeded by every online company, especially ones with real-time money flow. Although their security programs are always outstanding, online casinos should look into online gaming security risks and eliminate issues if they find any.

Understandably, the Queensland Police Department declined to make the name of the company blackmailed by hackers public. After the first ransom was paid earlier in the year, the hackers wanted to extort more bitcoins and upped their fee. The company was unwilling to give money to the hackers again and contacted the police who have warned everyone to report such incidents immediately.

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