Facebook’s App-Diet Has Turned Out Great

facebook app for android

Faster facebook on Android (Photo: brandmantra)

Android users with slow Internet, rejoice! Facebook is setting a precedent to make all your lives so much easier.

I have to say, I adore this idea. Making something simple (but still awesome) is what every app developer should start thinking about. There’s just too much going on usually. In each app, numerous features, videos and music and this game and that software… it’s too much.

This is a revolutionary idea, because from now on, every time someone thinks of developing an application, be it a game or a gambling app, they will have to ponder on throwing a simpler version on the market too. It’s for people who prefer things simplified on their phones, because their mobile Internet connection is slower than the average.

Smaller scope, same services and smarter data-usage

Facebook Lite for Android is not as hungry for data as its predecessor, which means that it’ll be ideal for developing countries where the Internet is not as reliable or fast. It’ll feature similar services as the regular Facebook app, but it’ll be a facilitated version.

The new app will have everything a person needs on Facebook, the usual components, like the News Feed.
I’d love to see some new mobile gambling apps that have a lightweight version, which would make it possible for everyone to play on them, regardless of Internet access and quality.

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