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Online security for online casinos. How does that work? (Photo: kpcb.com)

If you use online gambling sites, then the thought must have already crossed your mind: how do they stay secure?

When you gamble, you put your money on the line. Literally, ON-LINE. Which means that you also provided some personal details about yourself, like your address or date of birth. It is important, therefore, that your information and money doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. You want that knot in your gut to go away, and feel safe using your money freely, gambling on whichever online casino you want. Fair enough. But in order to be able to relax, you have to widen your scope and learn a little something-something about online security. Luck for you, this article’s aim is just that.

SSL: Secure Sockets Layer

Online casino security is something that has to be taken seriously. The usage of Secure Sockets Layer is an effective tool. According to the website BDaily, the main purpose of the SSL is to “guarantee a secure connection to a particular online site. It establishes an encrypted link between the server and the client.” This shields all our personal and sensitive pieces of information from falling into the wrong hands. Digicert, a large online security company, defines SSL as “a protocol between web browsers and servers that serves as a secure connection.” An SSL Cerificate has a private and a public key that verify the identities of users. This is the “SSL Handshake.” The secure connection is created with these keys and the process is unnoticeable.

Direct contact between you and the online casino

When you register at an online casino, read their privacy and communication policy. It’ll probably contain a clause, which states how they will contact you. Sometimes, face-to-face communication is needed to clarify this or that, so be prepared to comply – it is in your interest. I have to stress again the importance of the privacy policy. They will tell you how exactly they will contact you, and how to verify that the person who you are speaking to is really legit. This is extremely important, because we have heard of too many stories of information extorted over the phone by people who impersonated security staff.

Random Number Generation

These computer algorithms make sure that the game remains fair. They serve to guarantee that, for example, a card shuffle will remain completely random. RNG exists so that nobody can make calculations to guess which card or number comes next. Pokerstars, for example, has a system, which was developed by a Swiss company called Quantis. The technology they use is based on quantum theory. According to Random.org, “the randomness comes from atmospheric noise.” See? When it comes to online gaming security issues, top-notch technology is used.

The latest and the best software money can buy

It is worth for online casinos to by the pricey stuff, because it is a great investment if you come to think of it. If they are able to provide the best security, customers will feel protected and have faith in the site. Thus spend more time on it and recommending it to others. Resulting in an increased number of gamblers who play on the site. There are casino gaming testing facilities which evaluate the software. One of these companies is called Technical Systems Testing and it makes sure that gaming stays fair and random, ruling out any possibility of a security breach. Sometimes, these establishments also provide background checks on employees.

Your Personal Knowledge

If you know what to look for when it comes to online gaming security, you are is a good situation; chances of you being the victim of a fraud will decrease substantially. Paul Masterson, an expert in this area says, it is imperative that you look for the following elements if you want to be absolutely safe. First, a P128-bit SSL Digital Encryption, which we talked about earlier, the so-called “SSL Handshake.” Check the banking options as well: if you see some well-known credit of debit card types, like Mastercard or Visa, that’s definitely a good sign. Remember these steps and decrease your online gaming security risks. Happy online gambling!

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