Find The Best Ashes Apps, or: Cricket ‘Till the End!

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Anybody can play (Photo: appszoom)

The Ashes will be taking place during the upcoming few days, so we have selected a few of the most wonderful Ashes-apps that you absolutely have to use!

The name “Ashes” emerged after a test cricket match at The Oval between England and Australia in1882. Australia won the match and a British newspaper The Sporting Times published a humorous obituary on the death of English cricket. The obituary said that English cricket had died and its body will be cremated and transported to Australia. Automatically, the symbolic ashes became a synonym for what went down in 1882. Before the next match, hosted by Australia, the British media made the whole affair to look like the English team is going to Australia to win back the ashes. So, the name stuck and is still used today. Now, let’s look at all the finest Ashes-apps on the market.


Sky Sports For iPad

For those who already possess the Sky Sports app, this isn’t going to be such a novelty. But it is important to point out that they now have a special section just for the Ashes tournaments.

sky sports ashes app

Sky Sports for iPad (Photo: thenextweb)

In this great application, you’ll be able to access all the broadcasting, with 17 camera angles that you can choose from.Not only can you switch the angles, you can also decide when you want to watch the program.

Think of this as a top-notch sports gambling tool; it will provide you with everything you need to be able to place educated bets. Remember: it is only available for iPads.



ECB Cricket Live

This, people, is a real blueblood retro app. It doesn’t beat around the bush: this app is dead serious when it comes to cricket and the Ashes.

ECB  cricket live app

ECB cricket live app (Photo:

It is simple and easy to use, giving you valuable information on the daily happenings, like how the runs were scored.

The design is based on a 3D digital plane, which depicts each run. It also adds some extra info on batsmen, bowlers and fielders who were active in the last round.

In other words: this no-nonsense app will simplify your cricket fan-life by miles.








ESPN Cricinfo

ESPN Cricinfo App

ESPN Cricinfo App (Photo: madrasgeek)

By now, we’re used to ESPN’s professionalism when it comes to sports broadcasting.

This Ashes-app will keep you busy during the season, that’s for sure. It is available for iOS and Android, too, so you needn’t worry about being able to download it. Once you have it, you’ll be able to access everything cricket, from live updates to precious analyses from the most distinguished pros in the business.

This program can easily be regarded as a gambling app, too: it offers player profiles so you have a better idea on which team might come out as winner.




The NOW TV Ashes-app is a free software that you can download from the App Store. However, if you want to watch the Ashes with it, you have to buy a subscription. It is not a problem if you don’t have a full-time, yearly subscription; you can by so-called Sports Passes to gain access to the fun. A day pass costs GBP 6.99, while a weekly pass is GBP 10.99 (obviously, the weekly pass is better if we look at price-for-value.) The Pass will let you watch the Ashes whenever, wherever. NOW TV was a good sport; with the Pass, you’ll also be able to watch all the other Sky Sports channels, too. Sounds like a bargain to me!


Stick Cricket 2

Let’s step into the world of iPhone gaming. Once you’ve gotten bored with only looking at the action, this is the ideal app for you.

Stick Cricket 2

Stick Cricket 2 (Photo: Google play)


This straightforward yet infinitely fun game will refresh your mind and brighten your day. It is a challenge, though; you have to climb the cricket-career ladder, from a small-town player to a renowned star.

There are tons of mini-games within the main setting, so you won’t get bored, that’s for sure. Practice moves, get better and climb the ranks! You’ll absolutely love it.




BBC News

Made for iOS, this Ashes-app can be used via your Apple Watch, too. Receive immediate updates thanks to BBC and watch them appear on your wrist.

bbc news apple watch app

BBC news on Apple watch (Photo: Digital Spy)

You only need to glance at your watch and you’ll know what happened straight away. You’ll also be able to receive alerts when something exciting happens and draw conclusions from the newest headlines that BBC updates regularly. Game on!

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