Hacking Android Phones Is Way Too Easy

android hacks stagefright

Stagefright make Android vulnerable (Photo: Infosec Institute)

We have gotten used to our computers getting hijacked by mystical figures behind a computer… but when did hacking Android phones become the trend?

Android gaming lovers will not be happy… but according to CNet, a research firm just found the hole in the Android operating system. And it’s not a small hole, either… the problem lies in the heart of a media application, Stagefright. The research company called Zimperium found that hacking Android phones using Stagefright can be done with a basic text message.

So, what would happen if a text message like this were to arrive on somebody’s phone? Well, as CNet reports, an SMS like this “would give them complete control over the handset and allow them to steal anything on it, such as credit card numbers or personal information.” For the time being, there have not been any reports of hacks, but Zimperium holds that over 95% of gadgets running on Android are in danger.

Hacking Android phones is much more likely than hacking iOS

If we make an attempt at trying to calculate what 95% of Android phones means, lets take Strategy Analytics’ numbers: they said that last year, more than one billion Android devices were sold. So, that’s a lot of people who can worry about their personal information being exploited. Google needs to step up its game, because nowadays, safety is everything. No wonder online casinos aim to rule out all online gaming security issues right at the beginning…

The problem has been brought to Google’s attention, and as CNet reports, a Google spokeswoman said the followings on the matter: “The security of Android users is extremely important to us and so we responded quickly and patches have already been provided to partners that can be applied to any device.” Plus, Google tends to pay IT professionals to find errors in the system. So, hopefully, this glitch will quickly be patched up and Androids will be good to go.

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