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But first, take a selfie! (Photo: Instagram)

Instead of random pictures, we will gain insight on present events with Instagram’s selection.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has no intention of leaving to be the leader of Twitter, despite hopes on Wall Street, reported The New York Times.

ceo kevin systrom

Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO (Photo: cnbc)

With a whopping number of 300 million users, Instagram has decided that it was time for something new. So, from now on, fans of this social photo application will be able to tap into major current events’ photos and users will be able to access pictures and videos from events happening in their vicinity. How awesome is that?

This could easily have an effect on gambling industry innovations, too: imagine being able to access the best videos and photos of the World Series of Poker on Instagram. The whole aim of this move is to let users be a part of each event. By showing all the different perspectives of more than one people, Instagram will be more successful in “reporting” live events. More so than Twitter, because Twitter relies on short texts. Instagram will reflect the vibe of each event more accurately. Just think of the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. See? Instagram’s tactic is turning out to be very innovative, indeed.


Celebrities can post, too


Imagine getting ready for a concert of one of your favorite musicians. You are dressing up accordingly, selecting cool accessories and feeling impatient; you can’t wait till you get to stand in the crowd and hear that first song. You open your Instagram account and check the venue’s stream: your cherished musician just posted a backstage photo of himself! Now that ought to make the waiting experience much more intense… As Systrom said according to The New York Times: “We’re unlocking a new capability in the world. It is allowing our community to connect to the world as it happens.”

dan bilzerian instagram king

Dan Bilzerian, a gambling celebrity is an Instagram king

Imagine feeling the intensity of a poker match through such interactive gambling news. Just tap or click on the new Explore button in your Instagram account and there you go. You can now gain access to hundreds and thousands of photos from events near you. At first, this service will only be available in the United States and photos that you’ll be able to access will be calculated through algorithms based on elements, like location. With its shiny new search function, users will also be able to find photo streams about interesting people and destinations, for instance.


Twitter also came up with advancements


According to the New York Times, Twitter also released some information on its future features, which are somewhat similar in principle to Instagram’s. They also plan to highlight topics that are most current. On his matter, Mr Systrom said the following: “It’s interesting that we both kind of announced the same thing around the same time.” It is, indeed. Still, Instagram’s solution to promoting major events seems more connected and fun. One ponders about what might happen in the future, regarding the usage of this innovation as an advertisement means for events.

twitter new photo

… Evolution (Photo: Recruiting daily)

Debra Aho Williamson  emarketer

Debra Aho Williamson (Photo: iMedia Connection)

Some, however, seem to think that this new feature makes Instagram more a rival of Snapchat than Twitter.

As Deborah Aho Williamson, an eMarketerprincipal analyst told The New York Times:“The way that it’s set up, it doesn’t feel as immediate as Twitter does, and it doesn’t feel as necessary as Twitter does. Twitter still has the lead there. Where Instagram could be interesting is more on the entertainment side — think celebrities, fashion shows.”

In any case, it could prove to be an inspiration for new gambling technology; after all, which gambler wouldn’t want to feel the excitement of major poker events?

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