Launched: Moto X Pure Edition

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Great Expectations… (Photo: Android Authority)

The new Moto X Pure Edition is a mobile phone that provides users with endless opportunities…but can it compete with the iPhone 6?

In the United States, people will call it Moto X Pure Edition. In the United Kingdom, its name will be Moto X Style. But in this case, the name is less of concern. We should rather take a peek at the specifics and see if Android gaming fans are right: can the Moto X Pure Edition beat the iPhone 6? In any case, we have a lot of time to decide, because according to GSM Arena, the Moto X Pure Edition will be hitting the shelves later this year, in September. And now, let’s educate ourselves on the specs that make this phone popular even before its release.

Straightaway, we should point out the first quality of the Moto X Pure Edition that beats the iPhone 6: the back-facing camera. Forbes reports that it will be a 21-megapixel photo-making genie and that DxO testers have already put it through strict examinations. The outcome? Very ideal for Motorola, we can establish that: the new Moto’s camera got an overall score of 83, which means that now, it has a silver medal in the list of tested smart phone cameras. The gold medalist is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The iPhone 6, on the other hand, falls behind in this respect.


So, the Moto X Pure Edition makes the best photos? No. No, it doesn’t.


Further testing, according to Forbes, revealed that in other picture-taking respects, the Motorola has some weaknesses. DxO says that it all boils down to the less-than-great performance of the flash. As Forbes states, the research company reported “overexposure, imaging noise (or grain) and some unwanted colour tints in the corners of the image.”It is, however, pointed out that when not using the flash, the quality of photos is much better. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on how the Moto will perform when used with mobile gambling apps, but hopes remain high thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core, 1.8GHz processor that AndroidCentral reported.

The new member of the Moto family will come with multiple options for storage space; customers will be able to choose from storage ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB, delivered by microSD cards. This feature also lends the customers a huge sense of safety; storage can always be expanded and one is not stuck with what they bought. Another wonderful feature is found within the heart of the phone: the batteries can be charged at an incredibly fast rate. According to GSM Arena, battery life can be boosted by 34% every fifteen minutes. The body of the phone is surrounded with a water-repellent nano-coating, which provides a certain level of protection against water.


Moto X Pure Edition: customized for your taste


You’re going to be spending a lot of time playing with gambling apps on your new phone… so why not customize it entirely? As AndroidCentral writes, Moto Maker will support a total of 17 different back covers and 7 accents. Not only will there be an armada of colors: Motorola will be offering tons of textures, too. AndroidCentral gives us a beautiful picture of what to expect: “The walnut has a bit more of a grip to it while the cherry and bamboo are slicker and closer to previous editions. The leather, which was an easily-marred semi-gloss finish last year now has a cross-hatched Saffiano leather that will wear much more gracefully.”

Of course, extras like that will bump the basic price of the Moto X Pure Edition by USD 25. The basic price for the phone will be USD 399. But, you can also stick to the basics, because, as AndroidCentral says, “standard backs aren’t a soft-touch plastic anymore; they’ve been swapped out for a diagonally-striped silicone panel that adds a considerable amount of grip.”  These will come in a vast array of colors, and will cost nada. So, all in all, this new addition to the Motorola family is quite promising: it is reasonably priced, it has features that beat the iPhone 6, and it really looks beautiful. Can’t wait for September!

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