Marco Rubio, The New Anti-Gambling Sponsor

marco rubio anti gambling

Marco Rubio (Photo:

Seems like Marco Rubio needs funds…fast. Or is he only promoting Adelson’s views because he actually agrees with them? Who knows.

Restore America’s Wire Act has recently gained another enthusiastic fan in the person of Marco Rubio. By now, we’re used to the fact that gambling industry news usually features something about RAWA, but a new co-sponsor of a bill like this is always more interesting.

According to Legaluspokersites, “Senator Rubio also said his support of RAWA had nothing to do with his run for president or any alleged desire to solicit Sheldon Adelson’s political donations.” It is however, strange that The Washington Post has repeatedly reported news that contradicts this.


If it walks like a duck…


After signing as co-sponsor of RAWA, he said the followings in a speech in New Hampshire: “People buy into my agenda. I don’t buy into theirs. When I run for office, I tell people where I stand….My stands are not influenced by my contributors; I hope my stands influence my contributors.” Online gambling companies have a lot to lose if this ban on online casinos goes through.

Strange thing is, however, that Rubio has very (and I mean VERY) similar views to Sheldon Adelson. It is almost like Rubio is promoting the ban so much to win a bit of pocket money for campaigning… Unfortunately, we’re not mind-readers, so we can only guess Rubio’s intentions. Considering the fact, however, that Rubio will need someone’s deep pockets for running for President, well, you decide.

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