Pennsylvania for Online Gaming

legal online gambling pennsylvania

Rules are to be set… (Photo:

Pennsylvania legislation has decided that the time has come to allow online gambling to flourish… under supervision, of course.

The latest news from the gambling industry just in: according to iGaming Business, Pennsylvania has recently approved the initiation of a bill that would set down the base for an online gaming market. Some details of the bill are still currently unknown, people are guessing about what it may contain.

An initial look at the bill reveals that it is mainly about the regulation of slot machines. It does, however, also contain some information on how the state plans to go about introducing legislation about online gambling in Pennsylvania. One thing is for sure: this action will be an expensive one for online operators.

The name of the bill is SB 900

Online gambling companies can be immensely content, because many State Senators have backed the bill and now it is formally introduced. Although online gambling will be able to expand into new territories, it will also be taxed quite heavily: the plan is to ask for 54% of the online revenue.

Licenses will only be given out to places that have certificates for tables games and for slot machines. To get an internet gaming authorization, companies will have to pay USD 10 million valid for five years. Renewal will cost USD 1 million. Furthermore, games can’t come out without the Gaming Board’s permission. Even with all of these regulations, the online gaming industry is optimistic.

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