Preliminary Crash-Course On The iPhone 6s


iPhone 6 from Apple. What can possibly be better than this? (Perhaps the next model) (Photo: Amazon)

The new iPhone may make it to shops until the end of the year and it is predicted to be even better.

If your eyes are sparkling from the mention of the new iPhone 6s, you’ve come to the right place; we will tell you all the preliminary specs. Can’t wait to dive in and play with some of the best gambling apps on the iPhone 6s? Patience, young grasshopper, you still have to wait a couple of months. But only a couple, because according to the website BGR, the new iPhones already went into mass production and the anticipated launch date is around Fall this year.

By now, we’ve got used to the fact that every year, a new iPhone is released. And we have also gotten used to that feeling, that urge deep in our souls that we NEED to get the new one; our old one (the previous model) became just too slow and it freezes and [insert excuse to throw away old phone and quickly buy the new one]. Most of us are guilty of doing this at one point in our lives, but who can blame us for buying in to consumerism? It is our problem if we want to throw out our perfectly working phones to buy a new one just so we remain cool and up-to-date. So, how will this new replacement be better than you old phone? Let’s see.


Better battery life, quicker Internet


Good news, kids: you’ll be able to play on your favorite mobile gambling app for many more hours, thanks to the increased battery life of the soon-to-be-launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. CNet reports that with a new gadget, not only will your batteries last longer, you’ll also receive a much faster Internet connection.
The new iPhones will host a chip that was made by Qualcomm. It is called the MDM9635M and, as CNet reports, “is capable of accommodating theoretical download speeds of 300Mbps on carrier long-term evolution (LTE) networks -double the 150Mbps speeds available.”

MDM9635M chip Qualcomm

MDM9635M chip by Qualcomm (Photo 9 to5 mac)

So far, it sounds pretty damn good, right? BGR also states that the new iPhones will be equipped with cameras that have much higher resolution than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus does. The firm will be adding a 2 GB RAM processor to make the new models fast as a lightning bolt. Another extremely intriguing exterior characteristic of the new iPhones is that they will – allegedly –be much thicker to be able to accommodate the component that boosts battery life. Seems like Apple has been receiving many complaints from users on the subpar performance of iPhone batteries…


New iOS to launch at the same time as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus


Also as usual, the new iOS 9 will probably be launched just as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit the markets. This means that those who love to do some iPhone gaming in their free time could go nuts on their new iPhones equipped with the latest iOS by Christmas. However, the question of how much more battery power will users possess, as CNet reports, still remains unclear. But surely, if they have supposedly made the iPhone thicker all because of battery performance, it should last much longer? Let’s hope so. In any case, Apple has nothing to worry about (even if the new models aren’t all that great,) for their sales have been through the roof for some time now.

The last quarter in Apple’s books ended March 28 and according to CNet, Apple managed to sell 61.2 million (!) iPhones in the world. The income they received was USD 40.3 billion and this means a 40% rise in iPhones sold and a 55% increase in revenue. The Verge said that this was the “second biggest quarter for iPhone sales – and overall revenue – in its history.” The largest quarter of Apple’s sales was reached in the quarter preceding this last one. Back then, they sold 74.5 million iPhones and accumulated an income of USD 51.2 billion. As Tim Cook, Apple CEO put it: “We’re seeing a higher rate of people switching to iPhone than we’ve experienced in previous cycles.” Go, Apple!

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