Prolonged Battery Life Thanks To Samsung and LG

lg hexagon battey

LG Chem’s tiny hexagon (Photo: LG Chem via Digital Trends)

The time has finally come for us to be able to enjoy the perks of online gambling without having to worry about battery life.

Seems like the Korean tech giants are big on scientific knowledge: Samsung and LG have come up with solutions to elongate appallingly short battery lives. From now on, you’ll be able to play on gambling apps for double the hours you could until now. No more checking the charge-percentage.

No more compromises, either. With these innovations, you won’t have to choose between listening to music and gaming. According to The Inquirer, Samsung found a way to double the competency of the lithium-ion battery. LG came up with a hexagon-shaped battery to add a surplus of energy to batteries.


Lithium-ion batteries power cars, too


Gaining some extra battery life to be able to play more on your mobile gambling app is wonderful. But things can, in fact, be taken up a notch: the next step here for the two firms is to expand their research and come forth with solutions for vehicle batteries.

Big success is in store for both companies: the cutting-edge pieces of tech have already been patented just in case. The Inquirer states that currently, LG is working with a large electronics firm on new equipment that is entirely powered by the hexagon battery. More information on this, however, is not available.

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