Samsung Galaxy Tab A and E Launched In India

samsung tablet galaxy a and galaxy e

Galaxy A and Galaxy E, now on the Indian market (Photo: Times of India)

Two Samsung tablets, the Galaxy Tab A and E have just been launched in India.

In an attempt to provide the Indian market with an affordable tablet choice, Samsung recently threw the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab E on the market. Their main objective with this move was to provide a suitable rival for products of Apple, Lenovo and Xiaomi , in the same price range.


Gamers in India can be happy, because these wonderful devices will be perfect gambling tablets. According to The Times of India,the cost of the Galaxy Tab A will be INR 20,500 and the price of the Galaxy Tab E will be INR 16,900. This means that the main rival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A will be the iPad Mini 2.


Samsung will also throw in some freebies with each Galaxy Tab A


Samsung seems to be in a generous mood; The Times of India reported that with each purchase of the Galaxy Tab A, it will add an extra INR 30,000 worth of so-called Galaxy Gifts. These bonuses can be used to purchase lifestyle, utility and entertainment apps.


The Galaxy Tab A will be available in the colors Smoky Titanium and White and the Galaxy Tab E will also have two color options: Pearl White and Metallic Black.
Unfortunately, for the time being, these Gifts cannot be used to purchase gambling apps, but gamblers, stay hopeful!

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