Sing Along With Jessie J!

smule sing karaoke app

Hoping that you have a good voice, we are recommending this great app (Photo: Smule)

The music app Smule that can help you play the piano, came out with an awesome innovation: with videos, people can karaoke with stars.

What an awesome gambling app would that be? Being able to play poker, for instance, with one of your favorite pros? It would be amazing. Almost as amazing as it must have been for Tom Bleasby, a kid who became a Youtube star overnight thanks to his duet with Jessie J.

He is not the only one who sang Flashlight with Jessie J., mind you: according to The Guardian, more than 112,000 people did the same thing. The program, which lets you become the bomb for a couple of minutes, is a part of Smule’s Artist Program.


Smule took special care to preserve the uniqueness of this program


Jeannie Yang  Smule

Jeannie Yang (Photo: Smule)

So, how does this work? Take one musician, give them the Sing!Karaoke app and let them record half of their song, leaving out places that can be filled in by eager fans. Can you imagine what awesome gambling industry innovations could be achieved using this line of thought?

As Jeannie Yang told The Guardian, “We wanted to have a new way for artists to engage with their fans, who are actually participating.”

To make things even more authentic and special, the artists actually sing, the videos are not playbacks of previous recordings. What a marvelous way to boost the music industry!

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