Test Your Color Vision With iGame’s eye test

igame eye test 2015

Dog or vulture? (Photo: iGame)

Recently, a new type of test has been blowing up on Facebook. We’re talking about the Eye Test.

The gambling software developer company iGame.com has just come up with a new way to pass your lunch hour: the Eye Test. It is a fresh, interactive way of evaluating your color vision… and comparing your scores to friends’. What’s more, you can also see which animal has the same color vision.

In this informative, evaluative and really (no, I mean, really) colorful test, you’ll be able to know from now on if you have the color vision of a bat, a mole, a dog, a cat, a tiger, or a hawk. Plus, don’t forget: you can share it on Facebook to start a race between you and your friends.


2,000 shares per minute


The test is really blowing up, because apart from 2,000 shares per minute on Facebook, more than 20 million people have already used it! So, instead of new gambling software, (something we would expect from a company which produces awesome slots and video gambling games,) we got something completely innovative.

famous eye test

Check your color vision and get 10 free spins as well. (Photo: iGame)

iGame.com also plans on throwing a speed reaction test on the market, which –if the colorful Eye Test is any indication – promises to be even more fun. Now, run along kids; try out the Eye Test and achieve the highest scores among your friends! Life is a competition, after all…

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