The Amazon New Kindle Paperwhite 2015

new kindle 2015 paperwhite

Books are getting better and better (Photo: Amazon)

We have the specs of the new Kindle Paperwhite, and it is simply breathtaking.

We love novelties, so imagine our happiness when we heard that the new 2015 Kindle Paperwhite was out. According to The Guardian, the newest version will have a double amount of pixels as the old one, making the screen sharper and reading much easier.


Times like these, we wish the new Kindle was among the numerous awesome gambling gadgets out there. There is only one button, to power on and off. The other features can be set via Touchscreen. As in the old Paperwhite, the little light in the front makes the screen look white (hence the name.)


A font designed for reading on a screen


The Guardian reports that the new Kindle is not only clearer, it also features a new font designed just for on-screen reading. It is called Bookerly, and looks pretty good at first glimpse. With such an innovation, many people will prefer to buy this over the old one.


The Kindle also possesses the extras that we’ve grown used to, like the dictionary and the ability to highlight text. It is a great experience to read on, so if you’re planning on buying Phil Hellmuth’s newest poker manual to become a better gambler, go ahead. Just remember to read it on the new Paperwhite.

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