“Undo Send” May Be The Best Invention Of Gmail Yet

gmail undo

Eventually! Thank you, gmail.

This magical button will save you a lot of embarrassment if you have the habit of composing emotional messages.

We all make mistakes, because we’re only human. Sometimes, however, it would be best if the earth opened up under us and swallowed us in one piece. Times like, for instance, when you declare a crush you have on a colleague at work after one two many glasses of wine…


According to The Guardian, Gmail has come up with a solution for this problem, however: the Undo Send button. By the way, it would be awesome if this could be applied as a gambling technology innovation. But back to the point: Gmail’s 900 million users will be definitely happy to hear about this great novelty.


Smart phone users will also have access to this feature


Once you have sent the mail, you’ll have to realize quickly that you want to undo the send, because Gmail allows you to do this for a short time. According to Google’s blog post in which it promotes the button, the feature can be enabled for people not using the Lab version from the General tab in Gmail settings.


Smart phone users checking their emails on their phones needn’t worry, either; if they download the Gmail application, they, too, will be able to gain access to this smashing invention. Maybe gambling software developers could also think up something similar? It would be nice to quickly undo a wrong move that we made because we weren’t paying attention.

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