Ae-Gambler’s Payment Options: Neteller


One option (Photo: Neteller)

Many online gambling payment choices exist on the market, but now, we will talk about the well-known Neteller.

Let’s talk about money. And, more specifically, about online gambling payment methods. Neteller isnot really new, but an increasingly popular option among casinos and gamblers: it is present in 180 countries. With an east to use, straightforward website, free registration is almost instantly possible. There are many currency options to choose from, too, so the service really is top-notch. Unfortunately, it is not available for US players. It is, however, regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority and the headquarters are registered on Isle of Man. Neteller is known mostly for its e-Wallet service.


In the beginning, the e-Wallet offered by Neteller was used to wire money to friends and family or to make online payments to retailers (usually Neteller casinos.) After that, they threw their very own prepaid debit cards called “Net+ Cards.” These provide customers with a secure debit card using low fees, instant cash withdrawals, the option to pay in most shops and no interest charges whatsoever. Another plus side for shopaholics with these cards is that you can only spend money that you have, evading any kind of debt-problems. I would add this feature of this company as a huge pro, too.


Only USD 5 for a debit card that can be used worldwide


While usually, credit and debit cards cost around USD 10, this card can be bought for the small price of USD 5. When you set up your account details, you will see that there are so many currencies to choose from: AUD, BGN, CAD, DKK, EEK, EUR, GBP, HUF, INR, JPY, LTL, LVL, MXN, NOK, PLN, RON, RMB, SEK and USD. A huge plus is that you can use the card worldwide without any problem, making it ideal not only for gambling payments, but for online payments all over the world. Since Neteller’s system works with real-time authorisation, a theoretical cancellation won’t come in after many days and hours later. They also provide users with a 100% funds indemnification.


The list goes on. Neteller gives you access to those customers who don’t possess a debit or a credit card, too. When it comes to online security and protecting your personal, sensitive information, Neteller assimilates easily with your casino; no details regarding your bank accounts needed to be provided. This is a perfect feature for all of those players out there with trust issues, isn’t it? This way, the chance of someone illegally getting your account information is zero to none. Each account also requires a two-step verification process and the 3-D Secure system that requires you to enter an exclusive user-generated PIN code. This is the same system used by VISA and Mastercard.


Get and give rewards, too


The online gambling payment system also gives away rewards to existing members. The loyalty program in constructed so you get cash every time you refer a friend to Neteller, and there are regular cash prizes that you can win. Users get rewards points each time they move money in and out of their accounts: 1 per transaction for general customers and 1.25 for the VIPs. Points can be redeemed for a vast array of things: electronic devices, gift cards or cash, even. Members get the best offers from online retailers all tied up in a neat bow, making it so much easier to choose from the best prices.


Neteller features some great promotions, too. Customers have the chance to win cars, holidays, electronic devices and thousands in prize money. VIPs get to lead more than one currency accounts, they get free withdrawals and up to 0.5% cash back each month. Friend referrals benefit not only the company and the new customer, but those too, who recommended the services: original members get 20% of his friend’s first deposit and the friend gets back 10% of his first deposit. Seems like a bargain to me…

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