Amazon Prime Music Hits The UK

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Amazon Music Prime (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon Prime Music has ben released in the United Kingdom. With a wealth of new and exciting features, it will doubtless be incredibly popular.

So, what is Amazon Prime Music exactly? According to The Guardian, the “service is bundled as a free add-on to Amazon’s Prime delivery service, which also includes books, movies and photo-storage services as “value added” extras.” People will be able to stream music much like with Spotify and Apple Music.

The Guardian reports that Amazon released the music-streaming service in the US this June. The online retail company says that it has more users than Tidal, Deezer, Rdio, Rhapsody and Google Play altogether. However, when it comes to competing with the 60 million figure of Spotify, Amazon admits than its numbers are quite far from that. It just goes to show: online music streaming (like the social gambling market) is quickly coming up in this world.


Amazon Prime Music has a small library, but costs way less than its rivals


It has been established that Amazon Prime Music is not looking to compete with Apple Music and Spotify per se… rather, like many gambling apps, it aims to be a budget-friendly solution. As The Guardian reports, Apple Music has a music library of 30 million songs, while Spotify has even more. Compared to those numbers, Amazon’s one million library is minuscule.

Amazon’s clever edge lies in the fact that the service will be available for free to anyone who already has Amazon Prime. The director of Amazon’s digital music services in Europe, Steve Bernstein said the followings to The Guardian: “We’re trying to be the only one to offer all forms of music from discs, downloads and streaming, all in one place.” Which makes a lot of sense: why download a different app when we already paid for something similar? As the leader of music for Amazon in the UK told The Guardian: “We have lots of customers for which spending £120 a year on a music subscription service is too much. The best music streaming service is the one you already have.”

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