Apple And Nest At Odds


Nest Thermostat (Photo: Amazon)

Apple and Nest to part ways? With the Nest thermostat disappearing from Apple stores, it surely seems that way.

Not so long ago, Apple’s online and actual stores sold the Nest Thermostat. Now, however, they pulled the product line from shops. Have Apple and Nest come to a crossroads? It sure seems like it. The underlying reason for this change might be the fact that Google has acquired Nest for a whopping USD 3.2 billion last year. And, as Apple is a company whose aim is to generate profit for itself, it is possible that Nest products were pulled from stores because the company simply doesn’t want to sell the goods of a rival.

Here, iPhone gaming fans will nod with understanding… Of course Apple wants to sell its own products! Plus, according to TechNewsWorld, this isn’t the first time Apple pulled a move like this, either. For example, before announcing the Apple Watch, gadgets from Jawbone and Nike mysteriously disappeared from stores, too.


Apple and Nest have history, but that’s not enough…


As TechNewsWorld reports, the CEO of Nest, Tony Fadell helped Apple develop the iPod, so there is a shared history… which simply doesn’t seem to be enough. What’s more, some of Nest’s employees are ex-Apple workers, and some time ago, there was talk about Apple maybe buying Nest. Now, however, Nest was replaced by Escobee3, which is an iOS based thermostat working with Apple’s HomeKit (which allows users to control electronic devices in their homes via iPhone or iPad.)

But, maybe there’s hope for Apple and Nest yet? Some Apple stores in the UK and some countries in Europe still sell the Nest Thermostat. There is talk about Nest’s smoke alarm and camera being sold in Apple stores in the future, too. Maybe Nest is safe from Apple’s rally to world-domination.

One thing is for sure, however: if Apple wants to come out with a similar product of its own, Nest has to go. They should come up with a couple of clever gambling gadgets and they’ll get a new target audience, that’s for sure!

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