Drone Delivery Service On Its Way

drone delivery amazon

Amazon is contemplating the possibility of an exclusive drone service (Photo: bbc)

Drone delivery is on its way on making the lives of companies like FedEx and DHL much, much easier…

A couple of years ago, air strikes and real estate advertisements came to mind when we heard the word “drone.” Nowadays, however, we can buy drones from the cheap price of USD 40 to USD 100, to the not-so-cheap price of USD 3000 to use for whatever we wish. From mini ultra-light drones to huge, heavy ones, the tech market is packed with choices for those you are into flying remote awesomeness.


Now, the US government has come up with a new way to use drones (don’t worry, it’s something much more peaceful): delivering medical supplies to remote places. I can almost see your face lighting up in hopes of being able to receive your brand new gambling tablet from Amazon via drone delivery. No more boring postman or delivery guy… the future is in the air.


Drone delivery will mean more lives saved


According to The Guardian, the drone delivery was a success and involved the transportation of 4.5 kg of meds and other medical equipment to a health clinic in the countryside. An Australian company, Flirtey, manufactured the drone. With the permission of the Federal Aviation Authority and in partnership with NASA, the flight took off on Friday. Each trip took three minutes (The Guardian reports that there were three flights.) The clinic in Wise County Fairgrounds received a total of 24 packages.

Matt Sweeny CEO Flirtey drone delivery

Matt Sweeny, CEO of Flirtey and the future of delivery service (Photo: Start-up Daily)

For locations where transport by car or a van is difficult, drones will be the ultimate Hail Mary. As Matt Sweeny, the CEO of Flirtey said in a statement: “Proving that unmanned aircraft can deliver lifesaving medicines is an important step toward a future where unmanned aircraft make routine autonomous deliveries of your everyday purchases.” So, prepare yourself: soon, you’ll be able to receive all your hardware for gambling through drone delivery!

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