Gambling Sites Attacked By Hacker and the Bitcoin ransom

hackers bitcoin ransom

Virtual crime: Hackers & Bitcoin ransom (Photo: v3)

Gambling site operators saw a lot of stress last weekend, when a cyber-terrorist shut down four websites.

We are always talking about how to spot online gaming security risks, but there are some that you simply cannot prepare for. According to WTop, last weekend a hacker shut down four gambling sites in New Jersey. The IT-criminal asked for a Bitcoin ransom.

The director of the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division said that the hacker used a “distributed denial of service attack,” one which involves overpowering a website wit an excess of information and requests that the site is unable to handle.


Sorry, no ransom, pal.


David Rebuck, the previously mentioned director of Gaming Enforcement, stated loud and clear that there was no ransom money transferred. Thanks to law enforcement officials and casino staff, the situation was quickly contained. Attacks like this, however, concern gambling software providers greatly.

WTop reports that we know nothing of the exact amount the hacker was asking for, and we only know that four websites were affected. Other than that, not much info can be found on the subject. Thankfully, players’ money and personal details were kept safe throughout the attack.

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