Nintendo Smartphone Games Are Coming!

satoru iwata nintendo

Satoru Iwata, Chief Executive of Nintendo

The famous game developers are looking to expand the scope of their company by creating new Nintendo smartphone games.

It was the late CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, who announced that Nintendo was looking to spread its powerful gaming wings further. Straight into the realm of smart phone games. Hopes are high, because the company lives and breathes games and they create consoles that go with said games, too. In other words, Nintendo has unparalleled know-how when it comes to digital toys.

How wonderful would it be to have a well though-out mobile gambling app made by Nintendo? It would absolutely be brilliant! According to IGN, the company wants to go with the tactic of earning small amounts of money from as many people as possible. They see this as a much better strategy than making the product expensive so that only a smaller crowd will buy it.


Nintendo smartphone games will be loved by all


As Satoru Iwata said during a meeting with investors, Nintendo smartphone games will be created “so that they appeal not just to some limited age group but to a wide age demographic just as our games thus far have been doing, and they should appeal to anyone regardless of their gaming experiences and gender, and most importantly, regardless of different cultures, nationalities and languages.” Previous Nintendo games have already proven themselves, just think Super Mario…

Gambling app lovers for one are waiting patiently, Nintendo! Hopefully, after the company properly grieves the loss of its leader of many years, they will come out stronger and create something really worthy of Satoru Iwata’s visions. If they follow Iwata’s plan, the first couple of mobile game titles will be released around 2017, as The Verge reports. As Satoru said, “You may think it is a small number,but when we aim to make each title a hit.”

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