Pennsylvanians Backing Legal Online Gambling

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Study says :”Online gambling-ready!”

After a discredited study emerging about locals opposing legal internet gaming another survey has been published sustaining just the opposite.

After Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation published a survey created together with the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG) about Pennsylvanians opposed the legalization of online gambling, a contradictory study instantly emerged. The „push poll”, that found that 73% of Pennsylvanian residents disagreed with the introduction of online gaming, was later discredited.

The survey was emailed to several Pennsylvania residents to raise a protest towards the state’s intentions to push for legalized online gambling. The Bravo Group, hired by Caesars Entertainment according to gambling industry news, made another study however. Featuring far more neutral questions than the other one, it found that Pennsylvanian residents actually supported the legalization if internet gaming.

Pennsilvanians want legal online gambling

Out of the 769 registered voters participated in the survey, 66% agreed with a statement that the state should “pass a law that will tax online gambling so the money can be used for education and other vital state programs.” 58% of the respondents said that the state should regulate and legalize online gaming anyway, as the illegality of the market is a considerable problem.

61% of the respondents revealed that they would vote to a politician who indends to introduce online gambling regulations for the sake of protecting children. 80% said that the state should outline in the bill regulating iGaming that online operators have to use gambling software solutions to block minors from accessing their services.

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