Yahoo’s New Purchase


(Photo: Circuits and Cable Knit)

Yahoo’s new purchase lives and breathes trendy clothes and shoes: Polyvore just joined the family.

Polyvore just joined the long line of Yahoo acquisitions under CEO Marissa Mayer. There will surely be a collaboration between Polyvore and Yahoo’s two sites, Yahoo Beauty and Yahoo Style. This will definitely boost the number of visitors on Polyvore’s platform. Imagine having something similar with gambling: everything related to the subject, from gambling apps to casino reviews would be there.


According to Wall Street Journal, Yahoo plans on buying the social shopping site for approximately USD 200 million. Plus USD 40 million, which would go towards motivating employees. This is the first deal this year for Yahoo, since Marissa Mayer got criticism from investors about too much spending. Before this purchase, Yahoo also bought Tumblr, the video advertising company BrightRoll and the mobile advertising company Flurry. Now, it will step into the fashion merchandise business.


Yahoo’s Newest Purchase Had Nine Million Visitors Last Month


As Re/Code reports, Polyvore had nine million visitors last June. So, what is this site, exactly? Well, you can find items of clothing with information, such as price and the shop where you can buy it. Visitors can also make entire outfit sets from and post them on the site. Polyvore mainly makes money out of fashion brands paying it to promote a specific outfit or some other product. Also, if a client buys an item of clothing, Polyvore gets a fee. Like numerous casinos have fantastic mobile gambling apps, Polyvore, too, has one that brings in lots of visitors. It’s easy to use, and well designed. So, Polyvore is highly popular with the fashion-conscious.


It’ll be interesting to see what will come of this marriage – Polyvore is bringing many visitors to the table and Yahoo is providing a solid client base. Both companies can expect a boost from Yahoo’s new purchase, but only time will tell what the exact effects will be. Polyvore will benefit greatly from Yahoo’s infrastructure and we can anticipate some novelties popping up on the site. From here on out, the next question is: which company is next on Marissa Mayer’s list?

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