You can print casino chips, but print a casino?

dubai 3d casino

Dubai panorama (Photo: Go Abroad blog)

3D printing is getting more popular by the hour, but is it a viable option for construction work?

We’ve grown accustomed to 3D printers printing anything from small everyday items to medical prosthetics. But this plan of Dubai… well, it’s something completely out of the ordinary.

So far, we thought 3D printing a gambling tablet is over-the-top, but we never anticipated the capabilities of the human mind to come up with the most extraordinary ideas. Printing a 600 square meter building is definitely among the top ten.


The printer will be six meters tall


According to IFLScience, the printer used to create the parts and décor of the building will be approximately 6 meters tall. Once the pieces are printed, they’ll be transported to the building site and assembled. The estimated time to complete the building is at a couple of weeks (!!)

Imagine that: from now on, the horizon is open and it has no boundaries, we will be able to print anything from professional gambling tools to buildings and cars and yachts…and huge mansions, if we feel like it. Now that’s what I call real technological advancement.

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