Bitcoin Poker Site Operator Could Go To Jail

Bryan Micon Seals with Clubs owner

Bryan Micon, “Seals with Clubs” website owner

The ex “Seals with Clubs” website owner, Bryan Micon faces fines and possible jail time.

Online gambling business news has been blowing up with the upcoming court hearing of Bryan Micon, according to iGamingbusiness. He used to run the poker website “Seals with Clubs,” but is allegedly missing licenses required to run gambling websites.


Micon actually fled the United States back in February once things started to heat up: the Nevada Gaming Commission did a house raid on Micon’s home after his unlicensed poker site, “Seals with Clubs” has been shut down.seals with clubs There was also a video of the raid up on Youtube, thatMicon himself posted.


Jail time and fines up to USD 50,000


By now, we are somewhat used to people grasping every online gambling business opportunity they can get their hands on, but this could end up in a very serious sentence. The arrest warrant issued in April was revoked so that Micon would return.


This week, he’ll have to appear at a Nevada court hearing to make an attempt at settling things. However, if he gets convicted, he could face real time in prison and a USD 50,000 fine. Seems like operating a gambling website without the necessary permits is just not worth the trouble…

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