CBS SportsLine For Efficient Betting

When it comes to increasing your chances of winning, data is king!

When it comes to increasing your chances of winning, data is king!

Sportsbetting is becoming an exact science with CBS SportsLine and your chances of winning will skyrocket.

CBS is doing us, sportsbetting crazies a huge favor by reintroducing CBS Sportsline. Upon entering their website, we immediately get clarification: “Harness the power of data and the insights of experts for the ultimate sports picks.” That’s exactly what the site does: it bombards us with useful, insider information and results that will help us make better picks for betting in the future. Of course, this is a great platform for fantasy sports fans, too. In other words, everything adhering to sports can be found here.


According to Forbes, the site is a “platform for data-driven sports projections and analysis targeted toward the most inquisitive of sports fans and fantasy players.” Not specifically for betting, but we all know that a website like this will prove more than useful for those who enjoy wagering. It’s a wonderful gambling industry innovation. By taking all types of sports and thoroughly examining happenings, players, tactics and results, a gambler can gain precious insight on the workings of the sports industry. And, with the help of such heaps of facts, increase odds of winning.


Reading between the lines and reporting events


As Jeffrey Gerttula, senior vice president and general manager of CBS Interactive’s sports properties, told Forbes: “We have seen what we think is an obvious trend in sports media toward more editorializing, more hot takes, more off the field focus. We are certainly not against this but because of that swing we see an unmet demand for content that gets back to the core of what sports fans debate—what is going to happen between the lines and why.” Providing fans with live updates on important sports happenings and adding substance with expert analyses is the aim of CBS SportsLine.


The predictive analyses will be made up of a pack of diverse data, using every type of information at hand, from the opinions of experts through previous results to player performances. The site has everything a sportsbetting, gambling app would: easily accessible results, Fantasy and Live sports, such as NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and College Football, College Basketball. There are is a multitude of articles on the site that can be accessed by membership. The monthly membership costs USD 10 and the yearly, USD 100. Regarding the fact that probably you’ll win much more than that with the help of the site, it seems like a sound investment.


CBS SportsLine is top of its class


As Forbes reports, there is a simulation system built by Stephen Oh for the website; it gives us the outcome of matches and predictions and statistics on how each player would perform. Stephen Oh is not unfamiliar with the workings of wagering on sports; he is the co-founder of AccuScore, a well-known sports betting system. To put your minds at ease, Forbes also says that SportsLine is not solely a digital model based on data fed to it. There is also an armada of data analysts whose only job is to verify that SportsLine is in fact using the latest and most accurate facts when it’s doing the predicting. That way, it can be as accurate as possible.


Jeffrey Gerttula also said that there have been instances where the sports experts employed by the company were in strong disagreement with the digital model. As he told Forbes, he regards this as a good thing: this way, visitors of the site will gain more points of view and make their bets based on multiple perspectives. One thing is certain: by using these online gambling facts and statistics that CBS SportLine is providing, people will be able to make bets with more confidence that they’ll win. The question here remains: how will this sense of sureness affect the thrill of betting? After all, the unpredictability and sense of blind luck is often why people take to wagering on sports.

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