Vine HD Videos

vine hd video

Now in HD (Photo: Forbes)

Vine decided to improve viewer experience by increasing the definition of its videos. Say goodbye to pixels and say hello to VineHD, guys!

With approximately 40 million users according to The Verge, the video sharing community has crowned Vine as its Queen (the King is Youtube.) With funny looping videos that show things from funny cats to casino and desktop gambling situations, Vine offers a vast array of video topics. It is a fun way to share your days with your friends, so why not do it with quality videos?

Thankfully, from now on, Vine HD gives us the opportunity to spread the “motion-word” through high definition videos,which means, as CTV puts it, that videos “will no longer look like they were filmed in the Lego dimension.” Our phones are capable of so much more – taking advantage of this is a must, especially when it comes to being able to see small details. Just compare the old videos to the new, HD ones: the difference will be absolutely stunning. Moreover, after you’ve seen what Vine HD videos are capable of, you won’t want to go back.

Vine HD needed because of smart phones

With an increasing number of people playing with gambling apps and watching videos on their smart phones, Vine realized that the quality of their videos had to catch up with our iPhones. According to CTV, people nowadays upload videos in 1080p HD format, so 480p is simply not going to cut it anymore.Pixels are old and irritating and we want them out of our lives. Solution? Vine HD.

As Vine, Instagramhas started to allow HD uploads, too. Because who wants to look at squares and forms when they can see sharp, beautiful images thanks to their high-tech phones? Just remember to change your quality settings in your Vine account under “Your content” and you’re good to go! Film colourful scenes with intricate details and bask in the compliments of your friends.

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