Copa America 2015 Apps

copa america app

(Photo: Goal via Google play)

Download these apps to make your Latin American football festivalexperience even better!

It’s important to know which team is playing in order to maximize your Latin America football festival experience. There is no other way to organize your schedule than with the following apps. Download them and bask in the glory of knowing everything there is to know about the Copa America.


Come to think of it, our first app, Copa America 2015, is basically a gambling app. You can get all the information there is on the Copa America, like schedule, live scores and updates. You can also gain precious info on each team to know which one to place bets on.


Play like the pros!


If you’re looking for something more simple, don’t really care about live scores and know every minor detail about the football players, Copa America Schedule is the right app for you. It is straightforward and gets straight to business. Just like I expect you do, too, when it comes to football.

Free kick android app

Free kick copa america android app (Photo: Google Play)

Into android gaming? Great. Download Free Kick-Copa America, so you too can score goals just like your favorite football players. It will be nice to actually play the game yourself, especially after watching some awesome maneuvers from the real pros.

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