Don’t Be A NOOB: Gamble In Games!

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Oh, the thrills of video games! (Photo: Fallout new Vegas)

Before you go out to buy the newest video game, be sure to check our list to see if you can gamble in it!

Video games are a hoot: you can jump, fly, steal cars, rob banks, kill people and have a good time in general. In some games, however, you can also do something that I know you are addicted to: gambling. We have selected a few of everyone’s favorite games that you can gamble in, to make the experience of gaming even better. Gambling apps are one thing, but gambling in your favorite console game? That’s happiness at a whole new level. Something like seeing a pile of mint chocolate chip ice cream on a freshly baked brownie. Sorry, I’m hungry.

Far Cry 3

According to Farcry.wikia, you first have to invade and take over the Valsa Docks outpost. When you have achieved this, only then will the poker game be unlocked and ready for you to click your way through it. Easy as pie! Altergamer states that the Texas Hold’Em game in this game is very popular, since you can bet, bluff, cheat and raise, just like in the real world. You can also see your rivals, with top-notch graphics, so it really does feel a little like you really are playing poker live with some others.

far cry 3 casino

Betting your life is also an option…(Photo: Far Cry 3 videogame via

Although this seems like lots of fun, many reviews say that they are unable to win at poker in this game. But it could only be due to their weaknesses in playing poker.

Fallout: New Vegas

It’s no surprise that the title insinuates that the game has something to do with Las Vegas and casinos; according to Altergamer, the whole game is set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. The plot is that casinos try to steal all your money away. By playing Blackjack, Roulette and on Slot machines, you can use the online gambling tricks you may (or may not) have to double your money. You can also cheat and work out tactics to bring the house down. There is a Statistic for Luck, and if that is high, rest assured that you will win at the games. But maybe this takes the fun out of gambling a bit. Isn’t the whole point of it the thrill and anticipation of whether you’re going to win?


According to Altergamer, one of the best video games that you can gamble in is Witcher. The so-called “Dwarven Poker” is easy as pie to learn and you can also manipulate the outcome. The only problem (or major upside, it’s just a matter of perspective,) with playing poker in Witcher is that poker adversaries can be robbed blind. And they keep, coming too, no matter what.

the witcher video games casino

Medieval bets (Photo: The Witcher videogame)

The game doesn’t limit the number of rivals you can beat at Dwarven Poker, so it might take the flair out of the game after a while, knowing that others will just keep coming back to give you free money…

Dead Rising 2

I would bet stacks of money on the fact that the gambling part in this game is cherished by many gamers. Dead Rising isn’t a gambling software in itself, but it sure makes poker a lot of fun. According to the website Complex, this game is hellbent on bringing in the big numbers by offering what men in general love: strip poker.

dead rising 2 casino

Eat brains. Gamble. Repeat. (Photo: Dead Rising 2 videogame)

Complex says that “It takes a lot of patience, both in unlocking the minigame and keeping the cute girls alive long enough to play with.” I really don’t think that this will pose troubles for gamers out there. Just be sure to win at strip poker while the women are still alive and not transformed zombies. Ugh. That ought to kill the mood…

Red Dead Redemption

Numerous gamers are colossal Red Dead Redemption fans, and it’s totally understandable: the game is packed with action.

red dead redemption casino

Wild West poker style (Photo: Red Dead Redemption videogame)

You can also play poker in it, according to Complex. It is very easy to grasp, which is a huge plus. The graphics here are amazing too, and you can make the same moves in real life. There are a considerable amount of cheats to beat the House, too. But why would you want to take the entertainment out of the whole thing? Then there is the best part of it all: according to Pokerlistings, if you lose the game, you can take revenge by simply standing up and killing your adversary. Ha. This game will teach you how to go all in – Wild West style.

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