A e-Gambler’s Payment Options: Interkassa

interkassa online payment

Interkassa can be a good option when playing at an online casino (Photo: Interkassa)

Interkassa is a company with provides business-to-business payment services. What should you know about them?


There are many online gambling payment methods on the market currently and it doesn’t hurt to widen your scope and look into the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. This time, we’ll show you the workings of Interkassa, an company that provides businesses with an opportunity to let their customers pay via more than one channel. But let’s not skip too ahead.


Interkassa is a clever invention: it gives customers vast opportunities to pay to businesses using it. Based in Ukraine, it also provides many options for big card companies like Mastercard and Visa.It also serves Russian banks, like Sberbank and Beeline and Metaphone, which are Russian phone carrier companies. According to their official website, customers can pay with via various channels involving banks, terminals, virtual currencies, text messages and cards. The aim of Interkassa is to break down and simplify the process of online payments, making it easy for everyone to follow.


Interkassa is basically a payment gateway


According to Viaden, Interkassa “connects end users with various payment systems and simplifies the processing of money.”At its present state, the system is connected with around 16 electronic payment structures. Once a system signs a contract with Interkassa, the users of that network will immediately gain access to the services of Interkassa. It makes gambling payments and the lives of internet merchants so much easier; acting as a cashier, so that the merchant doesn’t have to set up platforms for each and every payment method. It saves time and energy for the service provider, so it is very popular.


Interkassa prides itself in simplicity. The way the system works is quite straightforward. According to Viaden, three steps are involved in the process. When clients click on the PAY button, they immediately get redirected to another page where they can choose their preferred payment method and currency. After the customer gives all the required details and the payment goes through, the online merchant gets a notification via a channel of his/her choosing (email, text message etc.) When the payment is deemed successful, the client gets redirected once again to a website where the payment is finished. Simple as that!


Interkassa has more pros than cons


With most online gambling payment options, checking a multitude of reviews is definitely a good idea. We have consulted the webpage Scamanalyze, and found that Interkassa stands in a pretty good place when it comes to trust and safety. The “Confidence Value” on this site is at 99% when t comes to Interkassa, and the overall security review is also positive (it is HTTP secure.) Easycounter also reviewed the online payment company, and it seems like everything checks out here, too. The overall opinion for reputation, which consists of trustworthiness, privacy and child safety is that the service is “Excellent.”


There are some reviews on Easycounter, however, which say that Interkassa is spamming people’s emails. But, apart from that, most reviews seem to favor the simplicity and straightforward manner of the website. It is, after all, used by many massive banks, phone carrier companies and online shops, so its trustworthiness cannot be questioned. It is a safe surface, with great pointers that show you how to us it. So, if you’re a business wanting to receive payments (of any kind,) try Interkassa.

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