Pokerstars Tour In California

pokerstars california tour

The poker stars are coming to California (PokerStars Twitter)

Negreanu, Moneymaker, Selbst… these are just a few poker pros who will be touring California this summer.

Amaya Inc., father of interactive casino games, has announced that PokerStars will embark on a tour around California to meet with fans, support pro-gambling legislation, raise money for charity and to play in poker tournaments. The your is named “Let Poker Play” and they aim to achieve a lot.

PokerStars made a deal with California poker rooms to conduct special Texas Hold’Em parties for this occasion; cardroom pros will have the chance to compete with all the stars on tour, like Negreanu, Moneymaker, Selbst and Boeree.


Lobby for online poker sites


It is no secret, the gambling software developers aim to support legislation that would authorize regulated online poker. “Let Poker Play” wants to demonstrate the benefits that online gambling would mean for the economy. They wish to tackle poker-issues head-on.

To do this, they want to start a conversation and see what poker players in California have to say. Ultimately, PokerStars  wishes to promote a regulated online poker playground and show that the State has nothing to be scared of. What an awesome way to back a cause!

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