Your Avatar Is You

poker avatar

Poker player? Better set the poker-face avatar (Photo: ImageKB)

Soon, avatars in game will be just like us, mimicking our angry and happy faces by the book.

According to Tokyo Times, a Keio University team came up with an innovatory way for avatars to resemble us even more. Social gaming and gambling will become much more realistic thanks to only a webcam.

An plain old PC and a webcam is all this Japanese group needed to figure out a way for avatars to copy our facial expressions. The camera reads your face and sets up the image at incredible high speed.


Real persons will be replaced by avatars online


Very soon, the people you’re playing online poker with will be able to try and read your expression, making the game much more exciting. Hopefully, gambling software developers will implement this wonderful creation to make games more life-like.

The changes in expression will be real-time, too; as the team said to Tokyo Times, “We’re using an algorithm that gets updated in line with the motion of the face, so it can track the face very fast and with very high precision. That’s the basic technology for this avatar system.” Well, we can’t wait to try it!

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