Windows 10 Is Here… Soon

windows 10

Waiting to upgrade (Photo: Microsoft news)

In an attempt to correct the Windows 8-mishap, Microsoft is coming out with a brand new system in a matter of weeks.

According to CNet, Microsoft is applying the last beautifying touches to the new Windows 10 system. And it has to be very, VERY good to make up for its not-so-great predecessor, the Windows 8 operational system.

In fact, as CNet reports, Windows 8 is so unpopular that most businesses stuck with Windows 7 rather than updating to the next level. Hopefully, gambling computer programs will only benefit from the new user experience provided by Windows 10.


A more traditional design


The old design with the Start button and co. is back, although they’ve modernized it a bit. Thankfully, they lost the complicated twists and turns that they applied in Windows 8, so it is much more user-friendly.

The program set to launch 29th July (although there are rumors that there might be a slight delay,) will be fully functional on other devices, too. This means that you won’t have to give up on your gambling apps if you want to possess the newest operating system of the Microsoft family… something, which is a definite plus.

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