Preliminary Scoop on Windows 10

windows 10 review

Windows 10 (Photo: Microsoft)

The end of July is here and Microsoft fans are enthusiastic. Will Windows 10 be the OS that they have all been waiting for?

For Microsoft users, the Windows 10 is the new glimmer of hope. After the large disappointment that Windows 8 caused people worldwide, something good had to come to right the wrongs. Now, it seems like the question most Microsoft followers are posing themselves, is: will Windows 10 be worth the wait? Or will we just have to stick to Windows 7, like we did when Windows 8 came out. According to The Verge, downloads of Windows 10’s installer files have already begun on people’s desktops and will be activated at midnight.

Microsoft’s aim with the new operating system is for it to be much more straightforward than Windows 8, which let’s be honest: people hated. It was hard to get a grasp on how it works, the interface looked completely different than what people were used to… So they rather stuck with Windows 7. Now, Microsoft wants the new system to be a lot like Android: from playing on gambling apps to creating presentations, Windows 10 will be a universal solution for anything a user might desire.

Windows 10: Available on Smart Phones and Tablets, Too

As Techradar says, Windows 10 “is no longer just an operating system for 32 and 64-bit PCs. It will also run on the ARM platform for smaller tablets and smartphones.”Users who possess Windows 7 and 8.1, can get the upgrade for free, until July 2016. Microsoft will release the operating system first to PCs and desktops, and then to mobile phones, the Xbox One and Arduino machines. The last step is HoloLens. For those who do not have the previous Windows programs, they’ll have to pay between USD 119 to USD 199 for the brand new Windows 10.

And now, for the appearance. The thing that Microsoft managed to muck up with Windows 8 is now absolutely great. Mainly, because according to Techradar, it resembles the interface of Windows 7. Thankfully, the Start Menu has survived the changes, so accessing applications and gambling software is easy as pie. Techradar said that during their Hands-on test, they were able to resize the Start Menu and move the Live Tiles around, which is a handy feature that will help further personalize the platform. The Tiles add a colorful, interactive edge to the whole thing, which is a big plus when it comes to News; you only have to take a glance at your screen and know what is going on.

Windows 10: a facelift for the modern era

As Techradar explains, the Windows 10 has been given a ton of new qualities. For example, some icons have been remodeled and the Taskbar given a facelift… basically, they did everything for Windows 10 to look sharp. Microsoft also started a wave of unifying applications and operating systems: it is called the Universal App Platform. As Techradar reports, it is based on the hope that “developers will develop their apps once and that they’ll work across PC, Windows 10 on mobile and Xbox, too – essentially on every screen size.”Microsoft is also doing everything in its power to make the lives of developers as easy as possible by simplifying the conversion process.

Because of this, people who love Android gaming will soon be able to gain access to apps on Windows 10, too, because it will be very easy for developers to convert programs. Similarly to the App Store on Macs, there will be a Windows Store that has a very well thought-out and hip design. People will be able to use this to download desktop- and Universal Apps. That is assuming people will want to get their hands on more programs; Techradar says that the existing, built-in apps on Windows 10 are amazing. Take the new Photos app: as the site reports, it “provides you with a complete back catalogue as well as editing and filter capabilities.”

Task View is also a wonderful new invention, which “does the same as Windows+Tab. It takes you to an app overview where you can use your mouse to select the app you want. It’s pretty clever and in any mode of Windows 10 there is always an icon for it on the Taskbar,” as Techradar says. With all the extras, the simplicity of functions and design, Windows 10 will be a humongous success (especially compared to Windows 8.) With people being able to access it on so many devices and easily convertibility, it will resemble the flexibility of Android phones. So, high hopes and pleasant initial experiences… the rest is yet to come.

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