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fantasy sports yahoo

Fantasy sports (Photo: Yahoo)

There is a new addition to the Yahoo family: the Sport Daily Fantasy Service is now up and running.

The newest sports interactive gambling platform of Yahoo Fantasy Sports will include daily and weekly contests. Right now, they have Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League games, too.

Yahoo has high aspirations: it said it wanted to be the “preferred home for DFS across the four major sports.” We can draw the conclusion from this quote that Yahoo doesn’t plan on hosting golf or NASCAR on the site – at least for the time being. They first want to see how things pan out with the other games.

Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports is not gambling… or is it?

Yahoo insists that its new website is very far from a gambling app. Kenneth Fuchs, the Vice President of publisher products said, according to Calvinayre, that there are no legal issues with the site. However, Yahoo’s advice to those playing on the Fantasy Sports site points to the site being gambling-related.

fantasy sports yahoo

Sports, sports everywhere… (Photo: Yahoo)

Yahoo says that players should do some extra research on Vegas betting sites (to see bookies’ expectations,) before they choose a team. States in the US that prohibit fantasy sports will not have any access to the gaming platform. Interesting thing: people can make deposits of a maximum of USD 600 each day with PayPal. Now doesn’t that resemble sports betting in the tiniest bit?

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